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Local Plan Documents

The Core Strategy review will seek to draw on things that we have learned from the current Core Strategy and from work done for other plans, such as Site Allocation Documents (SAD) and Area Action Plans (AAPs).

Besides the current Core Strategy, the key Local Plans for the Black Country authorities, and links to associated evidence supporting these plans, are as follows.




  • Walsall Site Allocation Document – submitted to the Secretary of State in June 2017 and comprising:
    • SAD Submission Plan
    • SAD Submission Policies Map
    • SAD Technical Appendices
  • Walsall Town Centre Area Action Plan – submitted to the Secretary of State in June 2017 and comprising:
    • AAP Submission Plan
    • AAP Submission Policies Map
    • AAP Technical Appendices


  • Wolverhampton Unitary Development Plan
  • Wolverhampton City Centre Area Action Plan
  • Bilston Corridor Area Action Plan
  • Stafford Road Corridor Area Action Plan
  • Tettenhall Neighbourhood Plan
  • Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plan

All available at:

We will have to consider the extent to which changes to the Core Strategy might have implications for our other plans.  However, these plans and the supporting work for them do provide background evidence relevant to the future development of sites in the Black Country.  It is notable that the plans have taken account of the assets and constraints that we have identified so far.  These include assets such as nature conservation and heritage designations and constraints such as flood risk, poor ground conditions, and pollution as well as either a lack of infrastructure or a need to take account of existing infrastructure.  We will have to recognise and consider the implications of these assets and constraints in work to review the strategy for the future of the Black Country and in considering individual sites.

If you are interested in or concerned about a particular site it is likely to be useful to look at the existing plan/plans and evidence for the district where the site is situated.