Black County Core Strategy

Black Country Plan Review

We are reviewing our local plan with the aim to create a new local plan (to be known as the Black Country Plan) that will provide direction on the future growth of the area to 2039. Once adopted it will replace the current Black Country Core Strategy (which was adopted in 2011).  Until the time the new local plan is adopted we will continue to use the existing Black Country Core Strategy when making planning decisions.

Issues and Options

The first stage of the plan review started with the scope and issues and options, which was consulted upon between 3 July and 8 September 2017. This consultation focused on the issues facing us and some possible solutions.

The scope, issues and options consultation was supported by a number of documents:

As part of the Issues and Options consultation we issued a Call for Sites and details can be found here.   We are undertaking an assessment of the call for sites and we will publish our findings when we produce our Draft Black Country Plan for consultation. 

Draft Plan for Consultation (This is the stage we are currently working on)

The second stage of the local plan review is the Draft Plan for consultation (Regulation 18), which we are now working on.  We intend to hold a formal 8 week public consultation on the Draft Plan in summer 2021 where we will be asking members of the public and other stakeholders to comment on the Draft Plan policies and proposed land allocations. You can also find out about the timetable for future stages of the Plan preparation

Please note that all recent evidence to inform the Draft Plan Review can be found on the Draft Plan Consultation Preparations page. Further evidence will be added to the website when it becomes available

We will publish and update any information relating to the Black Country Plan review on this webpage.

Black Country Plan Consultation Database

If you wish to register your details to the Black Country Plan consultation database, please click on the following link

Once you have entered your email address a verification code will be emailed to you to complete your registration.  Once you have registered you will receive details of all Black Country Plan consultations.  

We will publish and update any information relating to the Black Country Plan review on this webpage