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Draft Black Country Plan 2039 (Regulation 18) Additional Walsall-only Consultation - July – September 2022 - Now Closed

The public consultation on Additional Draft Black Country Plan (Regulation 18) - Walsall sites only - took place between 11 July to 5 September 2022. This consultation is now closed.

Walsall Council hosted two drop in sessions where people could find out more about the three additional potential sites in this consultation. The sessions took place at:

  • Broadway United Reformed Church 2 Gillity Avenue (WS5 3PH) on Tuesday 16 August. 2pm to 7pm
  • Streetly Sports and Community Association, Foley Road East (B74 3HR) on Friday 19 August. 1.30pm to 6.30pm


Publication of responses to the Draft Black Country Plan Consultation : Additional Housing Sites in Walsall (Regulation 18)

Following the public consultation on the Draft Black Country Plan which took place July to September 2022, we have now published all of the responses received. The responses (representations) can now be viewed using the links below.

There are two different ways you can find and view the representations, these are listed below. You can view the comments made without registering or logging in.

How to view responses

Organisation and key word search

View representations submitted by organisations or large group responses. Click on individual organisations or groups to view their representations.

There is also a search facility on this page, which will let you search by key words such as a specific site or policy. Please note you will not be able to search by individual names.

Document search

Alternatively, you can view representations via the Draft Black Country Plan Additional Housing Sites in Walsall document. Searching this way, will help you view representations where they’ve been linked to the plan.

To view this way, from the contents page, click on the individual chapters and sections that you are interested in.

Click on the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the site, issue or policy that you are interested in and a summary of all the comments published will be listed. The total number of representations is displayed in brackets next to the icons.

Next Steps

Shortly after the end of this consultation a decision was made by the four Black Country authorities to stop progressing the Black Country Plan jointly . Each local authority will now focus on producing their own Local Plan.

The authorities will continue to co-operate with each other and with other key bodies on all cross boundary and strategic planning matters as they prepare their Local Plans.

Please note that all of the comments received during the Regulation 18 Additional Walsall only sites consultation in 2022 have been passed onto the relevant local authority to use, should they choose to do so, in shaping their individual local plans and policies. We have published all the comments made to date, but we will not be providing any response to individual ones.

Further public consultations on the separate local plans will also take place, dependent on the individual authorities' plan preparation schedule as set out in their Local Development Schemes (LDS). The Local Development Scheme is published on each authority's web site.

Where to view copies of the documents

All consultation documents are available below.  These include a Draft Plan Reg 18 Walsall Additional Sites Consultation document, a Map of the Walsall sites and a copy of the Sustainability Appraisal. An interactive map of the Walsall sites is available to view. 

In addition, copies of the consultation documents will be displayed in the reception area of key Council buildings and some libraries. Please see details below.

Throughout the consultation, planning officers from Walsall Council will be available over the telephone or via email to discuss the plan or clarify any information. To speak to a planning officer contact 01922 658020 or