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Black County Core Strategy

Draft Black Country Plan 2039 (Regulation 18) Consultation

Publication of responses to the Draft Black Country Plan Consultation (Regulation 18)

Following the public consultation on the Draft Black Country Plan we have now published all representations received as part of the Regulation 18 consultation. These can be viewed via our online database.  More information on how to search the database.

The public consultation on Draft Black Country Plan (Regulation 18) took place between 16 August to 11 October 2021. The consultation is now closed.

View the consultation documents.

The Black Country Plan is a joint Local Plan prepared by the four Black Country Authorities (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton). The Plan will direct where new development will be located for the Black Country up to 2039.  It will guide key issues like:

  • New Housing - How much new housing is needed? How much can be provided in sustainable locations and where will it go? What type and density of housing should be provided and how much affordable housing?
  • Employment land - Where does employment land need protection? How much new employment land is needed and where should it go?
  • Supporting infrastructure and services - What improvements to transport, schools, green space, etc, will be needed to support new development? Where will new services be located?
  • In the face of new development how will the natural and historic environment be protected and improved?

We started reviewing the Black Country Plan in 2017. We held a public consultation from July to September 2017 on the issues facing the Black Country and some possible solutions. Following the Issues and Options consultation we have now produced the next stage of the Plan preparation process which is the Draft Plan. The Draft Plan considers the responses we received to the Issues and Options consultation along with a range of evidence which we have produced on planning issues.

Please note that: The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was revised on 20th July 2021.  The Black Country Draft Plan and associated documents were all approved for consultation at the four Black Country Authority cabinets on 5th and 7th July 2021.  The consultation documents therefore do not take account of the revised NPPF and will be considered as part of the next stage of plan preparation. 

We have also created an information video.

Consultation Documents

The full consultation documents can be viewed below (pdf versions).  These include

  • Draft Black Country Plan (Regulation 18) consultation document - August 2021
  • Draft Black Country Plan Sustainability Appraisal – July 2021
  • Draft Black Country Plan policies maps (these include individual maps for each of the Black Country authorities). 
  • You can view the Draft Black Country Plan via a online consultation portal.

You can also view an interactive policies map.

You can also view an interactive policies map.

In addition, we have produced a summary document for each of the four Black Country Authorities.  Copies of the summary documents are available below.

Local Plan Evidence Base

The Draft Plan is supported by a range of updated evidence base documents covering a variety of topic areas.

We are not seeking comments on these supporting documents; however, they provide useful additional detailed information to support the Draft Plan.