Black County Core Strategy

Call for Sites

Call for Sites July 2020

Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, a decision was taken by the four Black Country councils to adjust the current timetable for the production of the Black Country Plan (BCP). This will allow the unavoidable delay in producing the Plan to be compensated for and allow for members of the public and other stakeholders to take part in a formal consultation once the Country emerges from the current lockdown process. As a result of the amended BCP timetable, we are providing the public and others with a further opportunity to identify potential sites for development in the Black Country.

The reason why we are doing this is to make sure we prepare a ‘sound’ Plan that identifies as many sites as possible for assessment. The Government requires local planning authorities to conduct a ‘call for sites’ exercise as a key component of the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment and it is a continuous process that feeds into the site assessment work.

We are keen to ensure that we identify as much land as possible for assessment, particularly those that have not already been identified within the urban area. We are therefore seeking details of potential sites for housing and employment development and other land use designations, to support the preparation of the plan. This will inform policies in the new Black Country Plan and will ensure that the new Plan allocates enough land to meet identified development needs.

Assessment of sites for potential allocation will be based on the individual site’s suitability, availability and achievability.

If you wish to make a site representation please provide:

  • A location plan of the site with a clearly marked boundary;
  • Any details of possible constraints affecting the site;
  • Potential type and scale of development;
    Details of land ownership;
  • An up-to-date point of contact (owner, agent or developer) that we can use for further correspondence.

The call for sites will be open for 6 weeks from 9th July, the last date for submissions being 20th August 2020 at 5pm. We need to set a deadline for submissions to allow the BC authorities time to assess the information submitted and inform the Plan process.

You can submit representations online on the following:

Alternatively, please send your submissions by email to: or in writing to Black Country Plan Team, Regeneration & Enterprise, Dudley Council, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, DY1 1HL.

What if I have submitted a site before 1st June 2019?

You should not resubmit a site that was submitted through the previous BCP call for sites; all these sites are already shown on the call for sites map here and are in the process of being considered.
The previous call for sites closed on 1st June 2019; if you submitted a submission after this date please let us know if you still wish for it to be considered. If you have previously submitted a call for site and wish to update any information in relation to the site, for example ownership or any constraints on the site, please submit this information by the above date.
IMPORTANT - if you have previously submitted a site and wish to withdraw it from consideration please inform us during this time using the contact details above.

Where do I view sites already submitted through the call for sites before 1st June 2019?

All sites submitted before 1st June 2019 have been plotted on the current BCP map (where we have received clear site location details). You can view the call for sites map here.

If you have already submitted a site during the previous exercise and either do not see it on the current plan or think that the boundary shown is inaccurate or has changed, please let us know by contacting us by email or post as above, including an accurate site plan with a clear boundary marked.
If you click on an individual site, you will be able to access details and any supporting information where it was submitted by the site’s owner/promoter. Please note that any details in relation to each site are based on the information provided by the owner/promoter and are not based on any assessment by the Black Country authorities.
In addition, a list of the sites that have been submitted is available to view in a summary document below.

What happens next?

Officers from each of the Black Country authorities have been undertaking assessments of all the sites that have been submitted so far and this will be done for any new sites submitted through reopening the call for sites. We envisage this will be an ongoing process taking us into early 2021.
We will be contacting site promoters individually where we require any additional information – it is therefore important that you provide accurate contact details when submitting your site.
We will publish our findings when we produce our draft BCP, which will be the subject of a comprehensive eight-week public consultation in the summer of 2021. This will be an opportunity for members of the public and other stakeholders to provide their comments on draft policies and proposed land allocations.

Please see the Call for Sites Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for more information.