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Publication of responses to the Draft Black Country Plan Consultation (Regulation 18)

Following the public consultation on the Draft Black Country Plan which took place August to October 2021, all of the responses to the consultation were published. The responses (representations) can now be viewed using the links below.

There are different ways you can find and view the representations, these are listed below. You can view the comments made without registering or logging in.

How to view responses

Organisation and keyword search

View representations submitted by organisations or large group responses. Click on individual organisations or groups to view their representations.

There is also a search facility on this page, which will let you search by key words such as a specific site or policy. Please note you will not be able to search by individual names.

Draft Plan Document search

Alternatively, you can view representations via the Draft Black Country Plan document. Searching this way, will help you view representations where they’ve been linked to the plan.

To view this way, from the contents page, click on the individual chapters and sections that you are interested in.

Click on the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the site, issue or policy that you are interested in and a summary of all the comments published will be listed. The total number of representations is displayed in brackets next to the icons.