Black County Core Strategy

New Evidence Base to inform the Review

From here you can access all the emerging evidence that will be used to review the Black Country Plan's aims, objectives and detailed policies.

The emerging Evidence Base is split into a series of four distinct topic areas; you can access each one of these from above. As the review progresses further evidence will be added.

Strategic Evidence

Black Country Capacity Review - May 2018 

This report attached below reviews current assumptions about the supply of land for housing and employment developments across the Black Country.  It takes current available evidence one step further to seek to maximise delivery in the urban area by reviewing previous assumptions – for example in relation to densities - with a view to optimising opportunities to identify any further additional potential development capacity across the urban area. Ultimately it provides ‘potential urban capacity’ figures – to seek to demonstrate if any or all of the additional development needs of the Black Country up to 2036 can be accommodated within the urban area, without the need to consider green belt locations. It will be necessary to continue to review and update information and assumptions in this report as the plan progresses. Therefore, it is intended to periodically update the Report in order to keep it up to date and to continue to inform the plan review process.

Greater Birmingham Housing Market Area Strategic Growth Study - February 2018 

We have now published the ‘Greater Birmingham Housing Market Area Strategic Growth Study (February 2018)’, following agreement by Council Leaders.  This seeks to identify ways forward to respond to an identified shortfall in the provision of new land for new housing to meet the needs of Birmingham as well as to the scale of need emerging from the Black Country.

This is a technical study that will help inform authorities’ plans and it will have to be brought together with the Black Country authorities’ own local evidence for the Core Strategy Review.

The Study can be found in the Housing Section. 

Please see a Joint Position Statement attached below on behalf of the Leaders of the 14 Local Authorities which jointly commissioned this Study.